1. Group Evaluation Form

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  1. Has the page been updated recently?
  1. Author.
  2. Creditentials(expertise/experience).
  3. Contact Information.
  1. Facts documented or well researched.
  2. Links to quality web sources
  1. Purpose of site.
  2. Information presented as facts or opinions.
  1. Site is organized and easy to use.
  2. Content is readable for grade level of students.
  3. Information is error-free (no grammar errors, etc.)
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2. Blank Evaluation Form

3. Individual Wiki Pages

4. Group Paper

Everybody uses the internet these days in order to search and find information. When researching, we usually use search engines such as Google. The only problem about using the internet is that sometimes websites we find are not very reliable. In grade school most teachers make sure that their students are using good search engines so that the students will be finding good, accurate information that they can trust. Sometimes it is still hard for people to know if a website is reliable or not. So that is why we created this Wiki Page in order to evaluate other websites.
We intend for many people to use our Wiki page to check websites for reliability. Grade school history teachers will find our page useful because after viewing our page they will know what sites are safe to go to and which ones are not in order to give additional information to their students outside of the usual resources they have such as a textbook. History buffs will also find our Wiki as a good source of which sites they should be researching for more information.
Our Wiki is specifically created to evaluate History sites. This includes things like the Civil War and the American Revolution. We will only be evaluating history information web sites because we ourselves are history buffs.
We believe our evaluation form is going to be very useful in our work while evaluating these websites. We started out with the five main criteria of Currency, Authority, Accuracy, Objectivity, and Relevance, but we felt that to say just yes or no to any of these is not enough. So we added sub categories under each one not only to help us evaluate a website, but to also help you as the researcher understand what each of the five criteria entails.
We hope that everyone who chooses to use our website finds it helpful and easy to use!

5. Resources to Use